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Why choose CMi?

Exclusive focus on your organisation’s most valuable strategic asset: Leadership

We are the world’s leading mentoring partner for Chairs, CEOs, CEO succession candidates, CFOs and Senior Executives, accelerating their performance and impact.


Our breadth and depth allows us to deliver a mentoring experience that is unrivalled in global expertise and practices.

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Family Businesses

Learn from those with real life experience

Alongside our work with global listed and private companies, CMi has developed a strong track record of working with family businesses. Our Mentors have a wealth of experience within family businesses and share that expertise with their Mentees.


A word from our clients

“I have truly enjoyed working with several CMi Mentors across Europe and Asia over the last 12 years. Their experience has enabled me to evolve from a functional C-suite head into the global CEO of an MNC. They provided an invaluable sounding board and gave advisory support during the most essential times in my career. What you get from them isn’t written in leadership articles or books, but it is what I really needed during the most uncertain times.

My immense gratitude goes to CMi and my Mentors, as I am where I am today thanks to them”.

Pier-Luigi Sigismondi, President, Dole Sunshine Company (Food & Beverage Group)

“Being able to discuss the challenges of a new major NED role with an independent mentor adds real value and focus. My CMi Mentor gave me space to test and weigh ideas, the feedback was direct – based on years of experience and wisdom and tailored to situations. The CMi network is unique, extensive and international.”

Sylvie Gregoire, Non-Executive Director, Novo Nordisk AS

“I worked with two very experienced Mentors for a year before I became CEO. I sought their counsel and identified challenges privately and confidentially. I always knew the mentoring was beneficial, but it was only when I became CEO that I fully appreciated how invaluable the advice and guidance had been in preparing me for the new role. There are some things that you can learn only from people who have been there and done it.”

CS Venkatakrishnan, Group Chief Executive, Barclays

“They say that history repeats, but throughout your career you are often faced with ‘firsts’. Having two very experienced mentors has been invaluable for me when navigating unknown terrain from significant unplanned management changes while undergoing a CEO selection process, and starting up as a CEO. The mentoring process has provided me with important perspectives and above all an inner calmness and clarity to do what I think is right.”

Jakob Stausholm, CEO, Rio Tinto

“My CMi mentoring has been energising and enlightening and a great support, and provided a constructive challenge. Having two very different but highly experienced Chairs as Mentors provided me with a sounding-board unlike any other. I could test and debate real issues in a totally confidential way that I didn’t have access to in any other forum.”

Alison Rose, former CEO, NatWest Group plc

“The quality of the CMi mentoring conversations is unrivalled. The opportunity to exchange thoughts with people who have been there before is extremely valuable for me.”

Marco Alverà, CEO, TES