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Global Leaders in Mentoring

Our Mentors
What we do

Bespoke Board-Level Mentoring

We are the leading experts in bespoke Board and Executive Committee level mentoring, providing tailored one-to-one mentoring experiences for leaders, by leaders.


Through personalised engagements, Mentees benefit from the hard-won wisdom and experience of proven, world-class leaders.

Why Choose CMi
How we are different

Unmatched Global Experience

With the largest global roster of pre-eminent Board Chairs and CEOs, CMi represents unmatched knowledge, experience and insight across almost all industries and economies worldwide.


Each mentoring engagement is carefully tailored to align with the goals of the company and the Mentee.

Our Mentors
Who we are

We help the best leaders become even better

We are the world’s leading mentoring partner for Chairs, CEOs, future CEOs, CFOs and Senior Executives. We help accelerate impact through structured, personalised and confidential mentoring from an international roster of proven business leaders.

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How we work

Helping you achieve your goals as a leader

Each mentoring engagement is bespoke and tailored to the specific context of the Mentee and their business. It adapts to the individual’s current needs and anticipated future opportunities. It is all about development in-situ which allows for maximum productivity in tandem with the individual’s operational life.


Confidential access to our seasoned and independent Mentors enables leaders to test ideas with a highly experienced and impartial advisor giving a fresh perspective and a valuable second opinion.

CMi Approach
Our clients

We work with some of the world’s largest and most prestigious companies and leaders

Our Impact

Global leaders mentored in the last 20 years


CEOs or CEO Succession candidates mentored


Countries we operate in including, across Europe, the USA and Canada, Brazil, Australia, Japan and China


Current listed board roles held by our Mentors. CMi Mentors have sat on 507 public boards


Current private board roles held by our Mentors


Mentors across the world


Global businesses where we have mentored senior leaders

Our Impact
CMi Forum

Encouraging inclusive and open dialogue

CMi Forum dinners are events organised throughout the year. These private sessions are held under Chatham House rule. They offer Mentees the opportunity to engage with other CEOs, Chairs and Executives on relevant business leadership themes and exchange views on key topics. These Forum events provide a breadth of perspectives beyond the immediate mentoring engagement and represent a unique networking opportunity with a peer group that spans business sectors and geographies.

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