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Enhancing leadership capability

CMi for Senior Executives

Developing true enterprise-wide leadership

An important Board responsibility is planning and overseeing the nurturing, retention and motivation of those individuals, who are running major functions and business units, and may be future CEOs.

From Operator to Leader

As Senior Executives take on their first major ExCo or Board roles, they are faced with what life at the top of a complex, often highly regulated market feels like, under the spotlight of a vast number of stakeholders. To support this transition from operator to leader, each Senior Executive is partnered with experienced Mentors to develop them into effective enterprise-wide leaders.

Our Mentors

“My CMi mentoring has been energising and enlightening and a great support, and provided a constructive challenge. Having two very different but highly experienced Chairs as Mentors provided me with a sounding-board unlike any other. I could test and debate real issues in a totally confidential way that I didn’t have access to in any other forum.”

Alison Rose, former CEO, NatWest Group plc