Peter Löscher

Major Career Roles

  • Supervisory Board Chair, Telefónica Deutschland Holding AG
  • Board member, Telefónica SA
  • Board member, Royal Philips
  • Board member, Thyssen-Bornemisza Group AG
  • Board member, Doha Venture Capital LLC
  • Board member, Caixabank SA
  • President/CEO, Siemens

Other Career Highlights

  • CEO, Renova Management AG
  • Chair, OMV AG
  • President, Global Human Health
  • Executive Board, Merck & Co.
  • CEO and Corporate Executive Council (CEC) member, GE Healthcare Bio-Sciences
  • COO and Board member, Amersham plc
  • Chair, Sulzer AG (Switzerland)
  • Independent Non-Executive Director, Smiths Group plc
  • Supervisory Board member, Deutsche Bank

Peter Löscher has successfully led businesses both as CEO and Chair of companies listed on SIX, ATX, MDAX, TecDAX, DAX, EURO STOXX 50 and in the private sector. Peter’s 22 years of international senior-leadership experience have allowed him to gain a multi-industry knowledge in finance, diversified industrials, education, electronic and electrical equipment, engineering and machinery, government, health, insurance, oil and gas, pharmaceuticals and biotechnology, and telecommunications. All these attributes and accolades make Peter a Titan of various industries.

Peter is Chair of the Supervisory Board of Telefónica Deutschland Holding AG. He is a Board member of Telefónica SA, Royal Philips, the Thyssen-Bornemisza Group AG, Doha Venture Capital LLC and Caixabank SA.

Previously, Peter was the President and CEO of Siemens, CEO of Renova Management AG, President of Global Human Health and a member of the Executive Board of Merck & Co. Inc., CEO of GE Healthcare Bio-Sciences and member of GE’s Corporate Executive Council, and COO and member of the Board of Amersham plc. He has also held senior-leadership positions in Aventis and Hoechst and was previously Chair of the Board of Sulzer AG, Switzerland.

Peter served as a member of the Supervisory Boards of Deutsche Bank and Munich Re and the Board of Smiths plc. He was Chair of the Supervisory Board of OMV AG, as well as Chair of the Board of Trustees of the Siemens Foundation.

He is the founder of the Peter Löscher Chair of Business Ethics and Global Governance at the Technical University of Munich.

Peter is the founding Partner of Medical Technology Venture Partners, US, Senior Adviser to Bain Capital Private Equity, LP, US, a Strategic Adviser to Teladoc Health International, Spain, and was a member of the Advisory Board at, US.