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Sara Parker

Partner, UK & Americas

Sara Parker is a Partner covering the UK and Americas.


Sara has spent 15 years working at the top level of business in the UK with extensive links to the City of London and internationally. She spent 10 years at the Confederation of British Industry (CBI), where as London Director she was appointed to represent the views of the London business community on the Business Advisory Board of the Mayor of London (then Boris Johnson).


During her time at the CBI Sara also held a number of roles, including leading the CBI’s business engagement and running its offices across the UK, and as the founder and head of the CBI’s Creative Industries group. She regularly appeared as an invited speaker and in the UK media. Sara is passionate about business leadership and its influence on the success and societal impact of companies. She has been the UK partner at CMi since 2016 and is also the Lead UK advisor to BoardClic, an international digital platform providing companies with transparent and data-driven insights on Board performance.


Sara is a history graduate of the University of Cambridge and holds an Advanced Economics diploma from Birkbeck College, University of London.