Gunnar Brock

Major Career Roles

  • Chair, Stena AB
  • Chair, Neptunia Invest AB
  • Independent Director, ABB Ltd
  • Board member, Patricia Industries AB
  • Independent Director, Investor AB
  • President/CEO, Atlas Copco
  • President/CEO, Tetra Pak
  • President/CEO, Alfa Laval
  • President/CEO, Thule

Other Career Highlights

  • Chair, Mölnlycke healthcare AB
  • Chair, Stora Enso OYJ
  • Independent Director, Total Energies SE
  • Independent Director, Lego AS
  • Independent Director, Syngenta AG

Gunnar Brock has a vast wealth of knowledge and experience from various Chair and CEO positions held in oil and gas, diversified industrials, engineering/capital goods, MedTech, consumer goods and private-equity companies.

He has over 30 years of senior-leadership experience working in large multinational companies. Gunnar is Chair of Stena AB and Chair of Neptunia Invest AB. He also serves a Board member at Patricia Industries AB and an Independent Director at Investor AB. Previously, he served as an Independent Director at ABB Ltd, and President and CEO of Alfa Laval, Tetra Pak, Thule, and Atlas Copco.

Gunnar’s experience from years of being at the top of the field across many different types of sectors and industries has given him a vast wealth of experience and insight that is unrivalled. He spent 23 years living abroad in 5 different countries before returning to Sweden.

From the various CEO roles he has held, to the Chair positions he currently holds, Gunnar’s knowledge of running and managing large-scale businesses is unparalleled in the private and public sectors. This makes him one of the most sought-after Chairs and Board members globally, with over 30 years of international senior-leadership experience.