Ronnie Leten

Major Career Roles

  • Chair, Ericsson AB
  • Chair, Electrolux AB
  • Chair, Epiroc AB
  • President/CEO, Atlas Copco AB

Other Career Highlights

  • Board member, SKF AB
  • Board member, Ipco AB
  • Chair, Piab Group AB

Ronnie Leten has a vast wealth of experience cultivated over 30 years of international seniorleadership experience from being Chair and CEO of OMX Stockholm 30 and private-sector companies. This array of experience has given Ronnie a multi-industry knowledge in diversified industrials, automotive, manufacturing and private equity.

Ronnie is Chair of Epiroc AB. He is the former CEO of Atlas Copco AB, where during his 8-year tenure he spearheaded a substantial M&A programme and Atlas Copco´s market capitalisation quadrupled to €45bn. He stepped down from this role in 2017. He was also previously Chair of Ericsson AB.

Professional experience includes positions in the automotive and industrial sector at Atlas Copco AB and Tenneco Automotive. Ronnie held various leadership roles within the Atlas Copco Group.

Ronnie’s previous positions include Plant Manager of Tenneco Automotive in Belgium and various positions within General Biscuits SA in Belgium.

Ronnie was Non-Executive Director on the Board of SKF AB, a Non-Executive Director on the Board of Electrolux AB, and Chair of Electrolux AB from 2014 until 2018.