Calvin Grieder

Major Career Roles

  • Chair, Givaudan SA
  • Independent Chair, SGS SA
  • Chair, AWK Group
  • Chair and former CEO, Bühler AG
  • Board member, CGTech

Other Career Highlights

  • Head of Division, Swisscom
  • Vice Chair, Implenia AG
  • Board member, Hilti AG
  • Board member, Metall ZUG AG
  • Chair, Schleuniger AG
  • Board member, Debitel AG

Calvin Grieder has a vast wealth of over 20 years of international senior-leadership experience with multi-industry knowledge in chemicals, software and computer services, telecommunications, engineering and private equity. He is also a highly experienced Governance Committee Chair, Nomination Committee Chair, Audit Committee member, Compensation Committee member and Human Resources Committee member.

Calvin is Chair of Givaudan SA, AWK Group and Société General de Surveillance (SGS) SA. In addition, he is Chair and Administrative President of the international engineering group Bühler AG. Calvin has held various executive positions at Swiss and German companies active in the areas of control technology, automation and system engineering.

In these roles, he was primarily responsible for successfully establishing and expanding international business.

In 2001, Calvin moved from Swisscom, where he had served as Head of the mobile and internet business, to Bühler Group, where he acted as CEO for 15 years. In February 2014, he was elected as Chair of the Board of Directors of the Bühler Group and appointed to the Board of Directors of Givaudan, becoming Chair of the Board in 2017.

He has been a member of the Board of Directors of the Société General de Surveillance (SGS) since 2019 and was elected as Chair in 2020.